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  • School Supply Lists Here!
    School Supply Lists Here!

    Click the links below for the school supply lists: Prairie Woods Elementary School Supply List 2016-2017 Middle School Supply List 2016-2017 Mrs. Schultz high school science classes please have a 3 ring binder, dividers for the binders are optional.  Also please have colored pencils to use periodically.

  • Middle School Yearbooks!
    Middle School Yearbooks!

    MS yearbooks will go on sale for $15.00 on Monday, May 2nd.

  • SOCON News
    SOCON News

    The New SOCON (SOcial workers, COunselors and Nurse) Newsletter is aimed at educating students and parents about different topics going on in the school right now.  Some the topics include e-cigarettes, what my elementary student should know, and what has my middle school student learned.  Click Here for the entire article.