Fitness Center

Community Ed Office: (320) 354-1406
Fitness Center: (320) 354-1449
Fax: (320) 354-1433

NL-S Fitness Center is available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Day a Week Facility
Staffed Hours

Monday – Thursday
8:00 – 10:30 am
3:30 – 7:00 pm
8:00 – 10:30 am
3:30  –   5:30 pm

Age Requirements
During non-school hours a student must be at least 16 years old to utilize the Fitness Center.  Students 12-15 may have access with a family membership, only if accompanied by their parent.

Athlete Usage of Fitness Center                                                                                         Athletes in Grades 10-12, and those in grades 7-9 who have participated in “Athlete in Training” or “Weight Lifting Certification” class have access during the summer months and the 2-3 weeks in between seaons prior to their next sport.  If they are not in a sport and want to work out sooner, they MUST buy a student membership or become part of a family membership.

Injured athletes can use the Fitness Center for rehab purposes during practice time and should sign in on the athlete sign-in form.  Coaches are requested to contact the Fitness Center to get approval for athletes to be in the Fitness Center.

Annual Membership Rates
Paid in full or charged monthly, no pre-pay discount.  Couple memberships are available only to those not participating in an insurance reimbursement program.  Members are required to purchase a $20 24 hour activation card.
Annual Memberships Charged/Billed per month:  Single – $25.00  Family – $45.00  Couple – $35.00

Annual Memberships Paid in Full rates:  Single – $300   Family- $540  Couple- $420

Monthly Contract Rate
Charged month to month without annual obligation.  Must provide written notification of cancellation a minimum of two weeks in advance.  Members are required to purchase a $20 24 hour activation card.  Single – $32  Family – $52   Couple – $42

Fitness Center Classes  To view current and upcoming Fitness Center Classes please go to the Community Ed website at and click on the Fitness Center

Check with your insurance provider to see if you are eligible for monthly reimbursements.
Insurance Programs NL-S Fitness Center Accepts
Blue Cross/Blues Shield – Health Partners –  Medica Fit Choices -Preferred One- Silver Sneakers – UCare/UCAN