District Information

Paul Carlson
Robin deCathelineau
HR/Payroll/Finance Officer
Anita Hagen
District Administrative Assistant

Mission Statement

The mission of the New London-Spicer Community Schools, committed to excellence throughout the district, is to develop high achieving individuals who desire to excel, learn, set goals, attain critical and creative thinking skills, and are productive citizens who are respectful of themselves and others. This will be accomplished through:

  • A highly skilled educational team dedicated to maximum achievement for every student
  • A safe, nurturing and well-organized learning environment
  • A board and administration that provides leadership and supports innovation and creativity that enhance student learning
  • A wide range of learning opportunities that prepare students for the future

District-Wide Goals

  • The community and the school district will be an active partnership in meeting the needs of all constituents.
  • The district will continue the ongoing effort to provide the best possible educational program for all district learners.
  • The district will be driven by efforts to raise, measure, and support high performance.
  • The district will operate in a climate which encourages the highest possible outcomes.
  • The district will provide facilities which best meets the needs of district constituents.
  • The district will remain committed to retaining a healthy financial condition.
  • The district will provide technological tools to meet the educational needs of all learners and staff.


Students who, when they graduate, have the following attributes:

  • Communication Skills Read, write, speak, listen at full potential
  • Ethical Consideration Display honesty, moral standards, responsibility, positive values, dedication
  • Life Skills Money management, parenting skills, lifelong learner, physically active, worthy use of leisure time, adaptable
  • Problem Solving Strong academics, decision skills, critical and creative thinker, goal setter, inquisitive
  • Relationship Skills Personal self-worth, ┬ápositive self-esteem, social skills, global awareness and appreciation
  • Self Sufficiency Adequate self-care, responsibility, coping strategies, function successfully in society


Knowledge base grounded in professional education, staff development, action research and validated experience


We believe:

  • that staff should be involved in policy-making decisions.
  • that trust, caring, and nurturing should pervade the entire organization.
  • that students learn and achieve through validation (recognition of their strengths and achievements), and through caring attention.
  • that it is important to be willing to experiment with changes that may enhance our program.
  • that students should always face the natural and logical consequences of their actions.
  • that some learning should be cooperative in nature.that our actions should be consistent with our mission.
  • that students should be aware of what they are to learn, how it may be applied, strategies for learning it, and how they will be evaluated.


Action which aligns our wants, our knowledge, and our beliefs.