Middle School

By working together, our goal at the middle school is to ensure your child’s success. Below is a list of websites that our staff has suggested for students to use during any free time they may have. Please take the time to review these sites as well as have your child try them out…it may also be fun for you to play along!

Website Subject Area Grade Level
www.watchknowlearn.org Variety of subject areas 5-8
www.khanacademy.org Variety of subject areas 5-8
www.neok12.com Variety of subject areas 5-8
www.brainpop.com Variety of subject areas 5-8
www.goodtyping.com Typing skills 5-8
www.powertyping.com Typing skills 5-8
www.freetypinggame.net Typing skills 5-8
www.ABCya.com Variety of skills Grade 5
www.iXL.com Language Arts Grade 8
www.Coolmath4kids.com Math 5-8
www.Coolmath.com Math 5-8
www.hoodamath.com Math 5-8
www.math-play.com Math 5-8
www.Funbrain.com Math 5-8
www.Mathplayground.com Math 5-8

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