Activity Fees for 2022-23

  •                             High School    Middle School
    Each Sport              $165.00           $110.00
    Cheerleading          $120.00            NA
    Drama per season  $75.00             $75.00
    Knowledge Bowl     $75.00             $75.00
    Speech                   $115.00            $100.00
    Math League          $65.00              N/A
    Band/Choir             No Charge        No Charge
    Math Masters         N/A                   Varies

    Maximum Activity Fees: $495 per individual or $900 per family

Contact Us

  • Carla Vagle 
    Activities Office Admin. Assistant
    320.354.2252 ext. 2710

    Thayne Johnson

    Activities Director
    320.354.2252 ext. 2603

    Weather Notification Line
    320.354.2252 Press 1 

Facts About Sports

  • Top 10 Reasons High School Sports Benefit Students

    1. Community Representation
    2. Fitness
    3. Improved Academics
    4. The Importance of the 3 P’s – persistence, patience, practice
    5. Teamwork and Cooperation
    6. Positive Mentors
    7. Social Relationships
    8. Leadership Skills
    9. Time Management
    10. Success Mindset
      Source:  Grace Chen, Public School Review, 2017

    Top Reasons Why Kids Quit

    1. It’s no longer fun
    2. They have lost ownership of the activity 
    3. They don’t get playing time
    4. They are afraid to make mistakes
    5. They feel disrespected
    6. They’re simply burned out
      Source:  John O’Sullivan, Changing the Game Project, 2015


Traveling From Competitions/Extracurricular Events

  • Parents may “checkout” their child to ride home with them after a contest.  Parents must sign Parent Release Form provided by the Head Coach or Designated Coach.  Parents who wish to (1) drive their own child and/or other students to and from away contest (2) allow their child to ride with another parent, and (3) allow their child to drive themselves, should complete the Transportation Waiver and turn into their head coach or the activities office.  This waiver does not allow a student to ride with another student. The waiver needs to be completed once, but families must communicate with your head coach each event alternate transportation will be used. 

Facility Map Updated 2018

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

Tips For Parents

    1. Be Supportive of Coaches.  In front of your child, be supportive and positive of the coach’s decisions. If you have problems with what the coach is doing, it is best to talk directly with the coach.
    2. Teach Respect for Authority.  There will be times when you disagree with a coach or official but always remember they are trying their best and are trying to be fair. Show good sportsmanship by being positive.
    3. Let the Coach do the Coaching but you can do some of the Teaching.  When your child is on the field, court or ice, let the coach do the coaching. You can teach sportsmanship and how to deal with success and failure. Develop their character and teach life skills that athletics and activities bring to the forefront.
    4. Help your Children Learn through Failure.  The way your child handles failure can help them to face the certain failures life will throw them in the future. The worst time for you as a parent to give advice is immediately after a disappointment. Let your child cope in their own way.
    5. Get to know the Coach.  Since the Coach has a powerful influence on your child, take the time to attend the preseason parent meeting and get to know the coaches’ philosophy, expectations, and guidelines.
    6. Focus on your Child as an Individual.  Focus on what your child does well and where they need to improve. Encouragement is essential.
    7. Listen to your Child, but Stay Rational.  Always support and listen to your child, but remember to stay rational until you have investigated the situation.
    8. Be Mindful of your Role as a Role Model.  Take a good honest look at your actions and reactions in the athletic arena. These actions are a big cue to your child and to the others around you.
    9. Show Unconditional Love.  The most important thing…show your child you love them, win or lose.