• NLS Schools Community Endowment For the Arts Mission is to broaden the artistic experiences of students by expanding opportunities beyond budget items. When students flourish in the Arts, they find their uniqueness as artists, problem-solvers, citizens and leaders.

  • We believe the future is in the hands of our children. By encouraging their ambitions and dreams, we show them our support. One area we can encourage such involvement is the Arts; visual arts, speech, performing arts, and music. New London-Spicer Schools and NLS Educational Foundation partnered with the Pierce Family Foundation to establish the Community Endowment For the Arts (CEFA). This endowment will broaden support to the arts, Pre-K through Grade 12 for generations to come. 

    In 2018 the Pierce Family Foundation matched each gift DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR up to $100,000 which resulted in the creation of $200,000+ perpetual endowment. Each year up to 5% of this fund is available through the CEFA grant program which supports art initiatives within the New London-Spicer School District. 

    A CEFA recognition plaque was created at the end of the match campaign. It displays two categories, "Friends of the Arts"  composed of donors that contributed $100 - $4,999 and "Patrons of the Arts"  composed of donors that contributed $5,000 and above. All donors were listed in alphabetical order in their respective category. 

    There is no finer gift than supporting our children. 

CEFA Grant Process

    • Have an idea and a plan
    • Gather expense documentation (invoices, PO, etc.)
    • Bring your plan to the Instructors CEFA Meeting which will be held prior to the end of the 3rd Quarter. 
    • Receive fiscal approval for your grant request from the district's superintendent
    • Complete the CEFA Grant Application Google Form. Applications are due by the last day of the school year.  
    • The NLS Educational Foundation CEFA Committee reviews and approves grant submissions. Approved Grantees will be notified prior to the July 1 disbursement date. Please note: Follow-up communications may occur between the grant deadline and the distribution date. 
    • Grantees that receive funds will be required to complete a year-end report and provide photographs and/or videos. Year-End reports must be submitted by the second Tuesday of June the following year.

    Applications are due on the last day of each school year. Funds for approved grants will be disbursed on July 1. 

    Final Report
    Please be sure to include photographs and/or videos of the grant showcasing its impact on New London-Spicer students. Year-End reports must be submitted by the second Tuesday of June the following year. 



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Pierce Family Foundation

What We Don't Fund

    • Religious organizations for religious purposes
    • Political organizations or political campaigns
    • Annual fundraising drives
    • Other Endowments
    • Debt retirement or deficit financing
    • Brick and mortar
    • Projects or portions of projects that have already been completed
    • Scholarships or medical research
    • CEFA may only support up to 50% of transportation costs
    • Should not replace classroom budgets or teacher compensation