• clock hour approval form needs to be filled-out and stapled to each submitted piece. These forms may be found in each building’s office. Please check to make sure you have the most updated form! As the state changes requirements, our committee makes adjustments to the forms. 

    Please attach proof of attendance, certificate, or agenda and highlight what is applicable for your hours. In the “activity category” section, you must mark one for state records, but there are no regulations or requirements to how many or which categories you need for license renewal. The “requirement section” should reflect what you are fulfilling for relicensure. Your written explanation needs to be just long enough so that the committee understands how your hours fit within a category or requirement that you selected. 

    Permitted/Not Permitted In-House Hours: 

    No: Staff meetings, grade level meetings, (when in doubt refer to Principal) 

    Yes: Curriculum, PLTs, Peer Review, PLCs, Trainings 

    Hours for PLT meetings and Peer Review will be distributed by the Q-Comp Committee in the spring.  Please submit these hours with that documentation

    Current License Renewal Categories (as of January 2020): 

    1. Positive Behavioral Intervention Strategies 
    2. Reading Preparation 
    3. Curriculum
    4. Key Warning Signs for Early-Onset Mental Illness  
    5. Suicide prevention 
    6. English Language Learners 
    7. Cultural Competency 

    Exemptions: Social workers, speech-language, school nurse, psychologists, and counselors are exempt from the reading requirement. 

    Please note that requirements vary for those NOT employed by our district and for tiers 1 and 2 (most of our staff is tier 3 or 4). 

    University or College Credits: 

    When submitting hours for college credits you need to include a printed transcript that states semesters or quarters and the final grade. Each quarter credit grants you 16 clock hours. Each semester credit grants you 24 clock hours. 

  • To submit electronically (if you are located outside our buildings) You can submit proof of attendance (certificate, transcript etc) along with the completed clock hours approval application form (links below) in one of several ways. 

    1. Scan completed proof of attendance and CEU approval forms and email to a member of the committee in your building. 
    2. Take a picture of attendance and CEU approval forms and email to a member of the committee in your building.  
    3. Take and picture or scan proof of attendance and CEU approval forms and mail them to school or use the drop off service. In this case please be sure to address to Cammie Holmquist at the high school.  

    Clock hours approval application form links: 

    • to fill out online and email click here: a fillable pdf
    • to print out and scan or take picture to email or mail: print pdf  
    • explanation of credits and hours (for reference) 

Meeting Dates

  • January 24, 2024
    April 17, 2024

    Please turn in your clock hours to a committee member before these dates.

Continuing Ed Committee

    • Paula Prill, Chair
      - HS Building
    • Gail Wilkey
      - PW Building
    • Emiliy Redington
      - PW Building
    • Tina Peterson
      - MS/HS Building
    • Ashley Schoumaker
      - MS Building
    • Helen Gronli
      - Community Representative
    • Randy Juhl, Principal
      - Administration Representative 

Helpful Websites and References for CEUs: