Thank You Teachers and Staff!

  • Here is a place to share our appreciation to all of the wonderful teachers and staff at NL-S. 

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  • Huge shoutout to Gary Ruter for helping keep our schools clean and tidy! We see all of the work you do and appreciate you so much!

    As a former student I could thank a lot of teachers and staff at the school. I am so thankful for each one even if I didn’t exactly love the class. Each teacher shaped who I am today. I especially want to thank Ms Prill, Ms Duly, Mr Powers, and Mr Mason for never giving up on me or any other students. They all had a big part of my last couple years at NL-S. I will forever be thankful that I went to NL-S and got to experience each and every one of the faculty members. —Jenna Proehl:)

    Myron Lundgren fixed a broken toy crib for our kindergarten classroom! We are so thankful!

    Mrs. Steffensen makes school a fun place for our daughter ever day! Than you for all you do for our students Mrs. Steffensen!

    Mrs. Nienaber is an amazing Kinder teacher. She is so sweet, kind and our kiddo really misses her the most during these distance learning days. We are so thankful for her positive impact on our children's lives! ❤

    Mrs. Redington always gives 100% to her students. We're so grateful for her! She really knows how to make learning engaging, fun and challenging!

    Mrs. Teisinger, I want to thank you for rolling with the punches and making it all look so easy! The kids have no idea how much work you’re putting in and that means you’re 100% successful. Because of you, my 5th grader is having a smooth transition and a positive distance learning experience, and my husband and I haven’t needed to help much at all. Thank you so very much for all you do, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

    Just wanted to tell the food service team, my kids are enjoying this year's lunch (so far) it's so much better than last year! Thank you for that! Spread the word.

    I am giving our cooks and custodians a big round of applause! They have really stepped up to all the new challenges and worked hard to conquer them head on. Thank you, you have been an integral part to the success of this school year.

    I would like to thank our paras, who continuously adapt, improvise, and work so hard at providing the best support, care, and learning for our children – I salute you! You are a vital part of our system. I can see how much you care about them. We couldn’t do it without you.

    Our school nurses are top-notch. Completing all the contact tracing and making those tough phone calls. All of this, while still dealing with the day-to-day illnesses and injuries that require immediate attention. We are so lucky to have you. Thanks for working so hard to keep our staff and students healthy and safe.

    I want to thank our teachers for being ready for the model change. Your talents truly amaze me.

    Thank you to Miss Gorans for making this transition easier. We are grateful for all you do. The Dragt’s

    Thank you to Mrs Gramstad for the daily zoom calls. Jocelyn loves to see her teacher and classmates. Also thank you for all the work you have done to make this a easier transition. The Dragt’s

    Thank you Ms. Kujawa for all that you do! We appreciate your hard work, kindness, and positive attitude. You are a wonderful teacher and our daughter loves being a part of your class!

    Thank you Ms. Gorans for your dedication, innovation, and continuing to make learning fun especially during Distance Learning!!! Our Sincere Gratitude, The Althoff Family

    Thank you Mrs. Hayden for teaching me how to read better and for helping me in class. You are the best. From, Owen Redington

    Thank you Miss Holly for being my best teacher in the whole wide world. I like the crafts. Love, Ashtyn Redington

    A big thank you to Mrs. Wanda Johnson for taking the time each day to connect with students and check-in to see what their highlights are and what is challenging for them! She makes sure everyone gets a turn in contributing to discussions and it is evident they look forward to morning meetings!

    Thank you Miss Jodi for playing puzzles with me. You are the best teacher in the whole wide world. Love, Ashtyn Redington

    Thanks to all our kids teachers for their endless hours trying to make the best out of a bad deal, the paras helping with child care & many other things, lunch people always so sweet when delivering meals, the nurses for keeping track of all the things, the secretary’s going above & beyond, and the entire administration. It’s not easy, but you are doing a great job!!!

    Thank you to Mr. Dahl for doing an amazing job with distance learning! You are making it fun & manageable. Thank you so much for your patience with all our questions!

    Mrs K Johnson. Your smile and energy sparks such a positive light in this group of 2nd graders. It’s so fun to peak in on the morning meetings and see the smiles to start the day.

    The other night while my son was working on his lesson from Mrs. Vernier, I heard him say, “hey! This is fun!”. Thank you!

    Mrs. Thomas- thank you for the great story and lesson! My son was excited to build something for his “homework”!

    Mrs. Erickson- thank you for reading to me with your dog! -Griffin  

    Thank you Mrs. Turnquist! You have helped our child out so much in school we don't know what we would do without you. You are an amazing asset to NLS!

    Mr. Fredrich has gone above and beyond to assure his students feel like they are still “in” his class. His joy and kindness has helped my daughter continue to push through this year.

    Thank you to Miss Holly and staff for their warm morning welcomes to all the preschoolers! Thanks for teaching a love of learning at an early age! We appreciate all you do!!!

    I want to give a shout out to Mrs. Daucsavage & Mrs. Rebecca Carlson for all of their hard work, support and heart!

    Thank you to all of our children's teachers past and present. You are all amazing! Miss Anna and Mrs. Gramstad trained us in last Spring and put their hearts into distance learning for our kids. Mrs. Bengtson and Mr. Dahl, our kids miss you, appreciate you, and adore you. Thank you for all you do. Love, The Jacobs Family

    Both my hubby and I are grads of NL-S and our children are blessed to attend currently. Then and now, NL-S has amazing educators that make an impact and a difference. Our children are currently both in middle school. Occasionally, I have the opportunity to listen in to their Zooms- these teachers are doing so great teaching them, involving them, and helping them in this crazy and less than ideal environment. Thank you 5th grade and 8th grade team. We appreciate you and can’t wait to get back to school safely. Mike and Ann Nelson

    Thank you Mrs K Johnson for getting us through a trying week. You went above and beyond to make our 2nd grader feel more connected and motivated. Your positivity, patience, and smile are such a blessing!

    Mrs. Redington, You’ve gone above and beyond this school year (and probably always have)!! It’s noticed and there are no words for our appreciation for everything!! Our child is continuing to flourish in his education because of you! It’s amazing to see what you can do to continue pushing a child that does well, and I can see that each and every child you teach gets that added attention they need or look for. You’re amazing and we’re so thankful for all you do!! -Bendickson’s

    A huge thank you to Ms. Ronneng for making each day fun, exciting and interactive! We appreciate your hard work, creativeness, dedication and willingness to find new ways to keep the education going!

    Thank you Mrs. Holmquist for continuing to bring excitement, creativity and passion to each day! Thank you for your dedication to teaching!

    Thank you teachers for your assistance and support to our kids and to us parents as we navigate distance learning.

    First Grade Teachers-thank you so much for everything you have done for our kiddos! They are learning, it’s not traditional, and it isn’t always easy but the thought and work you put into their education is felt, and appreciated!

    Special thanks to Mrs. Grabow and all her hard work for her kindergarten students. Her patience and spirit are so appreciated! The DeSchepper Family

    Thank you Miss Quade for being an amazing teacher! You have this awesome positive energy that keeps the students engaged and wanting to learn more. We appreciate everything you do to continually keep our kiddo engaged and learning all the time. Thank you for all of our hard work and dedication! With much gratitude-The Petersons

    We are so thankful for the special education department at NL-S. They are truly such a blessing to our family. I would like to send a specific shout out to Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Taunton and all who work in Mrs. Taunton's room. You all are such HUGE blessings. The Graves Family

    Thank you Miss Janelle for being an amazing teacher! You have taught both of our kiddos and they have loved every moment they get to spend with you in the classroom. You are a great motivator and know just what each student needs to achieve their best. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication! With much gratitude-The Petersons 

    Thank you to Mrs. Ruter for doing such a great job with her students. She has done a fantastic job of making sure parents are able to understand the SeeSaw app by providing a couple of Zoom meetings for parents.

    Thank you to ALL the staff and teachers at Prairie Woods, specifically Mrs. Steffensen and Mr. Friedrich. Our children love their school. It is definitely an extension of our family. Thank you for keeping them safe, engaged in learning and guiding them in friendship. Happy Holidays!

    Mrs. Blomker has been a life line for the changes and needs of my daughter transitioning from in-person to distance learning. We appreciate you! ~Jenna Hanson

    A huge thank you to all the teachers and staff of Prairie Woods! Even in the most difficult of times for all of us, you are there to support and guide our precious children. Thank you for the long hours and creative thinking, for treating each and every child with great care and importance, and for all the support you have and continue to provide to each family. We look forward to seeing you again soon and our children look forward to sharing their appreciation in person as well. Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year to all of you. ~ The Duchene Family

    Thank you Mrs. Klaphake for all of your hard work! My 2nd grader was anxious about distance learning after struggling last spring, but it is clear that all of you teachers have put so much time and effort into making sure that it would be a more positive experience this time around. Thank you for keeping some normalcy in their lives during this abnormal time. Thank you for checking in on the kids; your extra time and added effort do not go unnoticed!

    Thank you to Mrs. Teisinger for all of your hard work during this difficult time. It is clear that you are passionate about each of your students, and my 4th grader looks forward to each zoom meeting. Thank you for interacting with them on SeeSaw and making sure that they are understanding. You have made the best of a hard situation, and our kids are learning all about resiliency from you teachers!

    Thank you to Mr. Thompson, Mr. Johnson, and Mr. Hixon for all of your hard work during distance learning. Recording PE workouts and then watching and giving feedback on the students’ videos is no small task! I would also like to say that when I watch Mr. Thompson’s videos with my 2nd grader, he is so encouraging that I usually find myself getting up and doing the workout too! 😁

    Thank you to the food and nutrition staff. Working from home and trying to help my distance learners has been a challenge, but not having to worry about making lunch has been a blessing. I appreciate the delivery service so much! You are all doing an amazing job!