The Cost

    Less than a dollar a dayThe New London-Spicer community has a long history of making substantial investments in our schools and we thank you for your support over the years.

    If approved, the voter-approved operating levy would increase from the current level of $0 to $1,020 per pupil. The cost to the taxpayer on an average home value of $200,000
    would be $308 annually - or $26 per month - or less than $1 per day.

    An operating levy referendum impacts residential and business as well as agricultural properties (home, garage and one acre only), but does not impact recreational properties.

     Impact on three home values

    A tax calculator to calculate your tax impact will be coming soon

  • How does NLS compare with our neighbors?

    Our district has the lowest school property taxes of all of our neighbors at $604 in 2021 on a $225,000 home. We are also below the group average of $744 and the state average of $815

    Total School property taxes