eLearning for Elementary Students

  • Building Administrator: Mr. Randy Juhl, JuhlR@isd345.org, or by phone at 320.354.2252 Press 1
    Student Work Guidelines: All activities and assignments for an eLearning day will be posted to Seesaw no later than 10:15 that day. 

    Kindergarten - 3rd Grade: Students will receive an eLearning Days board via paper copy. It will also be posted on Seesaw. The eLearning Day board will be completed per directions listed on top of the board. If possible, students are encouraged to connect via Zoom with their class.
    4th Grade: Students will participate and complete learning activities and post to Seesaw. If possible, students are encouraged to connect via Zoom with their class. Please review our Grade 4 eLearning Resource Presentation for parents. 
    Specialist Classes: Students will be required to complete one activity on the Specialist eLearning Board and submit via Seesaw.

    Prairie Woods Zoom Meeting TimesStudents are encouraged to join Zoom during their scheduled time below. However, additional meeting times may be scheduled per classroom teacher. 
    Kindergarten:10:30 am
    1st Grade: 10:45 am
    2nd Grade: 11:00 am
    3rd Grade: 11:15 am
    4th Grade: 10:15 am

    Attendance: Submitted assignments will be used to track attendance on eLearning Days. Students who submit the assigned work within two days of the elearning day will be marked present for the day.  Students who do not complete their assignments will be considered absent for the day.

    eLearning Parent Letter

    See Saw

Grade Level Learning Boards

  • Grade K elearning Board

    Grade 1 elearning board

    Grade 2 elearning board

    Grade 3 elearning board

    Grade 4 learning board



Specialists Learning Boards

  • Grade k specialist board

    Grade 1 specialist board

    Grade 3 Specialist board

    Grade 3 specialist board

    Grade 4 Specialist Board