eLearning for High School Students

  • High School Building Administrator: Ms. Bonnie Spohn, SpohnB@isd345.org or by phone at 320.354.2252 Press 4

    Classes will run on a two hour late schedule on an eLearning Day:
    Hour 1: 10:15-10:48 
    Hour 2: 10:52-11:25
    Hour 3 11:28-12:01
    Hour 4: 12:04-12:37
    Hour 5: 12:41-1:14
    During Hour 5: Lunch Grades 11/12, no flex. 
    Hour 6:  1:18-1:51 
    During Hour 6: Lunch Grades 9/10, no flex. 
    Hour 7:  1:55-2:28
    Hour 8: 2:32-3:05     

    Students will Zoom into classes starting at the beginning of the class period.  Teachers will provide students with Zoom links. The amount of time required to remain on Zoom will be at each teacher’s discretion. Teachers will take attendance each period of the day, instruct, and inform students about what assignments and activities need to be completed. Assignments will be found and submitted on Schoology.