• The New London-Spicer School District leadership and school board announced two community meetings in August aimed at providing valuable insights into the critical building infrastructure needs and air quality improvement opportunities within our school buildings. District leadership and SitelogIQ, our facility engineering partner, shared facility assessments, proposed solutions, and planned funding sources to address these needs. Below is a video of that presentation. 

    The meeting covered the following topics:

    • Historical Perspective: Gain insights into the background and context of the District’s decision to address infrastructure needs and air quality concerns.
    • Facility Assessment Report: Obtain comprehensive information on the condition and needs of our school district facilities.
    • The Need for Action: Recognize the significance of addressing these issues for the well-being of our students and staff.
    • Solutions in Sight: Discover the strategies and plans in place to address the identified issues and potential timelines.
    • Use of School Board Authority and LTFM Dollars: Understand the funding sources utilized for these essential projects.

These systems are essential, not a luxury.

  • In 1997, the Minnesota legislature granted school boards the authority to maintain and improve specific aspects of their ventilation system. (heating and cooling) in schools. This was done through funding mechanisms like Long-Term Facilities Maintenance (LTFM) Large Project and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). The purpose was to ensure that students and staff have a safe and healthy learning environment. While not all deferred maintenance projects are covered, many school districts in Minnesota have used these funding options to pay for necessary upgrades. Maintaining school buildings is a necessity, similar to having a functioning furnace or heating source at home. Proactive replacement before failure avoids disruption, ensures safety, prevents costly repairs, and improves efficiency. When these systems fail, the effect on school districts can be catastrophic. These systems are essential, not a luxury.

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