• Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the building infrastructure needs and air quality improvement opportunities.

    It appears that the building is relatively new, so wouldn't the HVAC system be new too?

    The oldest portion of the HSMS is from 1963, with air handlers of the same vintage. In combination with that portion of the building, additions from 1987 and 1992 make up the majority of the High School/Middle School building. Prairie Woods Elementary was built in 1984 and still has the same ventilation system as installed. Prairie Meadows was built in 1994 and also has the same ventilation systems that were installed on the build date. This project maximizes funding by replacing and upgrading mechanical equipment in the older portions of the building, and integrating it into the newer equipment from 2018 additions. 

    Could this have been avoided with regular maintenance? 

    In short, no. For a more detailed explanation please see the funding page on this site.

    As equipment gets older, it becomes more difficult and expensive to maintain. In some cases, it’s not possible to find replacement parts from decades-old equipment. The age of the existing equipment is a testament to the regular maintenance completed by the district. In addition to maintaining functionality, standards for ventilation have been increased since the design of the existing equipment. This project will address this aged equipment, implementing new equipment capable of providing improved ventilation for students and faculty alike.

    Think of it as a classic car. The maintenance on older vehicles gets more and more expensive and difficult, and regardless of how well maintained it is, it will never meet modern day standards of safety or efficiency. Continuing that analogy, the school district is provided enough money for maintenance, "oil changes", but does not receive money from the state for replacement of major equipment like a transmission. 

    Will this new HVAC system make all the facilities able to support year-round school?

    As part of this project, space cooling will be added to some areas of the district that aren’t currently cooled. This means that those spaces will have the capability to provide more suitable conditions during the summer months. Currently, our facilities do not sit empty during the summer. We offer summer school, special education, summer recreation, childcare, and more. 


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