Grant Process

    • Have an idea and a plan
    • Gather expense documentation (invoices, PO, etc.)
    • Receive fiscal approval for your grant request from your building's administrator
    • Complete the Grant Application Google form.  
    • The NLS Educational Foundation Programs & Allocations Committee reviews and approves grant submissions. Approved Grantees will be notified prior to the December 1 and July 1 disbursement dates. Please note: Follow-up communications may occur between the grant deadline and the distribution date. 
    • Grantees that receive funds will be required to complete a year-end report and provide photographs and/or videos. Year-End reports must be submitted by the second Tuesday of June the following year.

    Fall Applications are due the first Wednesday of November for grants disbursed on December 1. Spring Applications are due on the last Wednesday of May for grants disbursed on July 1.

    Final Report
    Please be sure to include photographs and/or videos of the grant showcasing its impact on New London-Spicer students. Year-End reports must be submitted by the second Tuesday of June the following year after disbursement of funds. 




  • > Schmiesing & Powers, Emerging Medical Careers - Purchase classroom set of diagnostic devices to be used by EMT, CNA, Biology, and Life Science courses. 

    > Stueve, Blood Pressure Equipment - Purchase class room set of blood pressure equipment to be used by all 9th grade health classes. 

    > Harrier, Enhancing Builds with a 3D Printer - Purchase of a 3D printer to be used by Robotics, Industrial Tech and Arts classes. Noteworthy: the 3D printer can be used to make parts for the other 3D printer saving on repair costs.

    > Lilleberg, STEM Activities for PALS Small Group Rotations - Purchase of a variety of STEM activities that will be used in the PALS afterschool childcare program. Allowing students to stay engaged in small group rotations. PALS is open to enrolled NLS students through grade 4. 

    > Schlutz,  Data Collection Expansion- Purchase additional Vernier wear for the entire class to collect data simultaneously. LabQuest purchase allows teachers to see all users progress/work at once. Vernier wear will be used bi-weekly with the potential for additional use of real data collection in our school's nature area.

    >  Nelsen, World Drumming Kit- Purchase will allow elementary students the opportunity to create, practice, and perform rhythms that they are learning through the curriculum. 

    > Powers-Baker, Choir Robes- Helping with the cost burden to replace the choir robes from 1982. 

    > Vernier, Makerspace & Coding- Purchases will support the new Learning Commons with hands-on learning in computer science as well as standards of computational thinker, creative communicator, innovative designer, etc. Previously, services were provided through a 1 year contract with SWWC.  

    > Wilkey, Spanish & World Cultures Curriculum Innovation- Purchase of child-friendly materials that support immersion and create practical, useful and fascinating lessons that engage. Will support all students' ability to learn a second language at an early age, and encourage cultural awareness through curriculum. 

    > Thompson, 12 Deluxe Scooters and 24 Duracoat Foam Balls-  to assist with responsible and respectful social behaviors while working on a variety of motor skills and movement patterns. 

    > Harrier, Robotics & HS/MS Media Center- Two 3D Printers to be used for 3D design and learn new industry standards. Fabricate scale models for anatomy, psychology, and biology and other courses that use models. Additionally, robotics students use the 3D printer to fabricate parts. 

    > Johnson, Institute of Arts, Children's Theater, and Sculpture Gardens field trip for the entire 4th Grade. It allows our 4th graders the chance to experience an "Adventure in the Arts". Funding helped with the purchase of the tickets for the show and bus costs. NL-S PTO also contributed to the trip.

    > Kindergarten Team, Toy and Dramatic Play Centers affect all 105+ Kindergarten students by increasing cognitive, social-emotional and physical growth through play opportunities that use science, engineering, art and math skills. It can be used individually and in collaboration with others. 

    > Gramstad, STEM Makerspaces - Makerspace supplies for second grade classrooms impact 25 students per year. It covers scientific standards and engineering design standard. Students can create art, working tools and other inventions.

    > Holmquist & Copley, MathCounts - Reinstated Math Counts for 7th grade students, covering costs of registrations and busing to competitions.  

    > Terres, Book Room Restoration - Add and replace books for the grade 5 book club. New books used to connect with today's generation of readers more easily. Book clubs assist with language arts standards. The number of students impacted varies. 

    > HS Spanish Department, Spanish Integrated Performance Assessments- IPAs include interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational modes. Students are able to break down content into manageable chunks, increase recognition of key words/phrases, develop cultural awareness, and increase their secondary language. Impacts all world language students. It was not available in German Germany, but the Professional Learning Team worked together to share materials, rubrics, and activites with German. 

    More Awards:

    WWII and the Holocaust field trip to MN History Center > 4 Apple iPod Touches with camera function > Life size human anatomy model and brain model > Graphical analysis of data collected in lab classes > Field trip to Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Children’s Theatre, and Sculpture Gardens > QR Codes and 20 iPod Touches > Increase exposure to and knowledge base of renewable energy sources > Brock Magiscopes > Field Study Data Collecting Using iPads and Probe Ware > LED HDTV with Apple TV > Accurately Collect Data from Labs > Published Kindergarten Authors >Rain Garden > WordMasters Challenge National Competition > Music Appreciation Course materials: "Bach to Rock"> Read for Bead materials > Ceramics program equipment: Kiln, Ventilation > Smoking and Alcohol Prevention kits  > Lab equipment for College in the School Program > Fine Tuning Physics > Books for Gift Readers > Moving Minds > Cycling Desks Pilot > Epic Lego Wall in Media Center >  

Grant Process Timeline

  • Fall Application Deadline: First Wednesday of November for grants disbursed on December 1. 

    Spring Application Deadline: Last Wednesday of May for grants disbursed on July 1.

    Year-End Reports Deadline: The second Tuesday of June the year following your disbursement. 

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