About NL-S PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)

  • Our goal is to involve, inform, and support the school district and community through collaborations that strengthen our schools. While we are a service and volunteer organization, we are proud to also be able to offer funding throughout our school district for certain needs.
    HISTORY: Our New London-Spicer Parent Teacher Organization was officially formed towards the end of the 2011-2012 school year and is hard at work year-round. We host a few fundraisers during the school year, plan many family friendly events for the schools and community, help coordinate Prairie Woods' open house, implement health & wellness into our schools, bullying prevention, provide communications between parents and school, provide funding for certain needs, sponsor events, help with book fairs, have bake sales over conferences, prepare birthday lists for the entire elementary school, help with school projects, coordinate staff appreciation, participate in community parades and events, family outreach and connect volunteers with those needs at all the schools in our district.  As you can imagine, it takes MANY volunteers to make all this happen. In addition to these tasks, there is the business aspect of legally maintaining our PTO plus a lot of behind-the-scene work that is done by our Board of Directors.
    We are always looking for more volunteers, and would love to have you join our PTO! No cost to join. 

Elected Board Members

  • Amanda Peterson- President
    Jennifer Renstrom - Treasurer
    Emily Redington - Secretary
    Ashley Moline

    Kristy Gratton
    Ali Holien
    Melissa Kamstra
    Alyson Keenan 
    Amanda Peterson - Prairie Meadows Liaison
    Emily Redington- Prairie Woods Liaison
    Sharon LaPoint- Prairie Woods Liaison
    Diane Holmquist- Middle School Liaison
    Gary Danielson- School Board Liaison

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