• Vision Statement
    To Inspire Every Student Every Day

    Mission Statement
    It is our mission to educate and enrich all students to achieve their full potential and succeed in a changing world.
    Belief Statements
    ■ Students do best when parents, district leadership, staff, and the community collaborate.
    ■ Strong schools rely on and build a strong community.
    ■ In an open and inclusive learning environment that fosters diversity and acceptance of all students,
    and in all members of our larger local, national, and international community.
    ■ All people are valued and work harder when they feel valued.
    ■ That our curriculum, instruction, and assessment should challenge students at all levels.
    ■ All students deserve educational opportunities to meet their individual potential.
    ■ In fostering lifelong learners and leaders.
    ■ In a safe supportive, and respectful environment.
    ■ All students — individually and collectively — have a voice and can make a contribution.
    ■ In being committed to every student’s emotional, social, and academic success and well-being.

World's Best Workforce and Achievement & Integration Reports

2021 Budget Publication

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