Securing Our Financial Future

  • Welcome to the New London-Spicer Public Schools Finance Page. We designed this page to help you understand how the district handles finances. We hope you will use it to learn more and to answer questions you may have about how our schools operate. A taskforce committee was formed in April 2020 to help us assess our financial situation and provide feedback to administration and the school board about what actions could be considered to improve the district’s financial health. 

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    Community Meetings

    New London-Spicer School District is hosting two-three meetings in June by Zoom video conference with as many community members as possible to seek their advice to help shape the school board’s response to the district’s financial challenges.

    • June 16, 6:30
    • June 18, 6:30

    Community Task Force

    We are hosting three meetings in May by Zoom video conference with 18 community members from across multiple stakeholder groups to seek their advice to help shape the school board’s response to the district’s financial challenges.

    May 7
    Meeting Notes | Slide presentation 
    May 14
    Meeting NotesSlide presentation 
    May 21
    Meeting Notes | Slide presentation 
    Task Force Survey

    Community Engagement Process Report

Community Task Force Members

    • Bob Carlson, Owner of United MN Bank

    • Denny Baker, Spicer City Mayor

    • Roger Imdieke, EDA, Owner of Three Sisters 

    • Steve Maher, Owner of Harvey Anderson & Johnson Funeral Home

    • Robert Moller, Spicer Postman

    • Clark Vollan, President at Lake Region Bank

    • Sue Block, Sales Clerk

    • Deb Wessling, Former Teacher

    • Doug Wessling

    • John Scheevel, Retired 

    • Kirby Johnson, Spicer Dentist

    • Lyle Gerhardson, CPA with RGW Wealth Management

    • Matt Proehl, IT Admin with Willmar Hospital

    • Megan Swanson, NLS Director of Communication

    • Chad Powers, NLS HS Teacher

    • Tracy Tebben, NLS HS Teacher

    • Sharon Pierce, NLS HS Administrative Assistant

    • Lucinda Dahlberg, NLS School Board Chair 

Securing Our Financial Future For Our Five Pronged Approach

    • Maintain existing programming and class sizes.
    • Create instructional and professional practice improvements.
    • Improve and create organizational efficiencies.
    • Advance technology, innovation, and security. 
    • Secure our financial future.