NLS COVID-19 Safe Learning

  • The health and safety of our staff, students and families is our highest priority. As part of that commitment, we are closely monitoring the continuously evolving progress of COVID-19, in our school community and school district. As a school district we will continue to utilize the CDC and MDH recommendations. To stay informed please verify that you have all modes of communication checked in Parent Portal and frequently visit our website. Staff will continue to build and maintain relationships with our students regardless of situations COVID-19 presents.  

    Our Safe Return to Learn Plan can be found here
    Our COVID-19 Decision Tree Guidance for People in Schools experiencing symptoms can be found here

    We ask that parents and students review our Masking/Face Covering Information. It is also important that all families ensure that their students do not have COVID-19 symptoms prior to sending students to school. If your child is awaiting COVID-19 test results, they must quarantine until the results are returned and are negative.

    Optional COVID-19 Testing information can be found here

Incident Command Team

  • New London-Spicer Schools' Incident Command Team will continue conversations regarding COVID-19 safety and protocols during the 2021-22 school year. Currently, the team plans to meet monthly but will meet more frequently if COVID-19 conditions warrant additional considerations. Topics the Incident Command Team will discuss include but are not limited to the following:

    • District Wide Cleaning
    • Learning Model Changes (Distance vs. In-Person)
    • Masking
    • Positive Cases Reporting/Contract Tracing
    • Quarantines
    • School Events
    • Social Distancing/Cohorting
    • Visitors
    • Other

    The following people will serve on the Incident Command Team: 
    Superintendent – Dr. Bill Adams
    MS Principal – Dr. Jenn Fuchs
    HS Principal – Jamie Boelter
    Prairie Woods Principal – Randy Juhl
    Activities Director – Thayne Johnson
    Special Ed. Director – Erin Hoffman
    Buildings & Ground Director - Tony Ree
    Communications – Megan Swanson
    Community Ed. Coord. - Alex Wolter
    Board Member – Lucinda Dahlberg
    Board Member – Mark Peterson
    Board Member - Jeff Vetsch
    QCOC Coordinator – Tracy Detloff
    Early Childhood  – Jennifer Hellickson
    School Nurse – Michelle Stueve
    School Counselor - Lynn Dwyer
    Medical Personnel – Dr. Amber Vick
    Medical Personnel – Dr. Rick Wehseler
    Medical Personnel - Nikki Thein
    Medical Personnel - Kari Westby 
    Teacher – Deb Boonstra
    Teacher & Parent – Holly Carlson
    Teacher - Lesley Burandt
    Teacher - Abi Duly
    Teacher – Pam Ruter
    Teacher - Erin Nielsen
    Teacher & Parent - Tricia Gramstad
    Clerical – Marna Kallevig
    Paraprofessional & Parent – Nikki Lindahl
    Paraprofessional & Parent - Brooke Lien
    Parent - Jackie Anderson
    Parent - Lisa Bergh
    Parent – Karlie Harberts
    Parent – Kristina Reuss
    Parent – Nancy Nelson
    Parent – Jessie Holmstrom
    Parent - Jenny Hedrick
    Student - Delaney Baeth
    Student - Olivia Mages
    Student - Kamryn Quenemoen
    Student – Kayla Reuss
    Student - Kaden Thorson
    Student - Skyla Sampson
    Student – Henry Vetsch