Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Weber - Art Teacher

Welcome to the Art Room! My objective as an art specialist is to offer kids a chance to learn about the Visual Arts with well-rounded lessons incorporating art history, design, and art-making methods in every assignment.  We offer classes in Printmaking, Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Ceramics, and Craft with projects ranging from glass work to silk screen printing to basket weaving. It is my goal to get kids to think of the Visual Arts as an expansive subject to study. I would also like to think that kids who take my art class learn skills like creative thinking, problem solving and collaborative work ethics.   The classroom is set up like an artist studio where students are allowed to share ideas and help each other.  In the room we have a mini pottery studio (including wheels), individual studio spaces for senior art students, and large work tables for big projects.  Students also have access to Ipads and a computer station.  A smartboard is located in the front of the class for lectures.  Kids are expected to try their best and work hard.  But I hopefully give them an environment conducive to trying new things and making mistakes. If you’d like to look me up, I have a bio and portfolio of my work at


Best Times to Contact:

  • Please feel free to email me at any time at Room:  130 | Phone: 354-2252 ext 2702
    Office hours are in the mornings at 8:15-9:10 or after school. 

    SECOND Semester 2017 Schedule
    8:15-9:10              Peer Tutoring
    9:15-10:05            Mosaics
    10:10-11:00          Studio Art
    11:05-11:55         Studio Art
    12:00-12:25          Lunch
    12:30-1:20            Prep
    1:25-2:15              Drawing
    2:20-3:15              Art II 


  • Be on Time
    Unexcused tardies will be reported to the office and points will be deducted from class participation score.  No one will be admitted without a pass from the office.  Ten minutes late is an unexcused absence.  Tuesday school will be assigned after 4 unexcused tardies per quarter.  Unexcused absences will be handled as follows:
    Work Well
    It is important to work during the provided work time.  Deadlines are to be met. Deadline Extensions may be given to a student based on individual needs or circumstances.  Deadline Extensions must be requested from Mrs. Weber no later than 2 days before a deadline.  If a student has wasted time in class they will not be given a Deadline Extension.
    Show Respect
    Students will not be allowed to disrespect each other, the teacher, substitutes or the art work.  Be nice. Consequences may be any of the following at the discretion of the teacher:  loss of class participation points, call to parents, dismissal from class, Tuesday school. The NL-S regulations fall into this rule.  No vulgar or offensive clothing.  Cover midriff, chest, and underwear.  No Hats without a hat pass.  No phones in class without permission.  No food (it messes with the art).  
    Clean Up
    All students must clean their personal work space, the sinks and sponges.  Dismissal will only be given after this has been done.  Mrs. Weber is not your mother and will not clean up your mess.