• Meal Charging Procedure
    The meal accounting system is a pre-paid system, meaning that meal charging is not allowed.  Meals are paid for by depositing money into the lunch account before meals are served.  Breakfast and lunch for all family members may be taken from one account daily.  Other purchases which may be deducted from the account include extra milk, second helpings and ala carte items. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to ensure there is sufficient money in the lunch account before meal time.  Funds can be deposited in the lunch account by bringing money to the principal’s office, paying the Food Service clerk before 10:00 a.m. or paying on-line via their “Parent Portal Account.” The School Food Service considers a $10 account balance a “low balance.” Each day that the account balance is lower than $10. The Messenger system will automatically call the students’ home that evening to report a low account balance.

    When a lunch account reaches a negative balance, the following will occur:
    Messenger will call the parent to give notification of a negative account balance and encourage the parent to send a lunch to school the following day for the student. Each day throughout the school year, lunch account information is available from the School Food Service Clerk, Vicki Mickelson at 354-2252, ext. 2607.  If requested, a printed or e-mail statement of purchases by each family member and the remaining balance is available and may be sent home.  Parents may call school on any school day to access this information. Lunch account balances are updated daily and may also be reviewed on “Parent Portal.” Any family having financial difficulty will be strongly encouraged to apply for the benefits offered by the USDA free/reduced meal program.  An application for this program will be sent to the household.

    The School Food Service will also serve lactose-free milk upon written request from Parents.

    How much money should I send for my children's meals?
    Prairie Woods Breakfast: $1.25
    Prairie Woods Lunch: $2.25
    Middle/High School Breakfast: $1.35
    Middle/High School Lunch: $2.50