Our Team:

  • Michelle Stueve RN, PHN
    Licensed School Nurse
    District School Nurse
    320-354-2252, ext. 2612

  • Lindsey Buboltz, LPN
    Middle School/High School Nurse
    320-354-2252, ext. 2404

Health Services

  • The goal of Health Services is to create and sustain a school health system that promotes and supports student achievement, health and well-being. At each school the Licensed School Nurse, assisted by the RN and LPN, provides the following services to support New London-Spicer students.

    • Assess individual student health and developmental status
    • Promote and maintain the health and well-being of all students
    • Develop health plans for students with health conditions
    • Coordinate prevention and control of communicable disease
    • Develop a system of first aid and emergency care
    • Conduct health screenings including vision and hearing, scoliosis and Early Childhood Screenings
    • Participate in health education
    • Recommend new and updated health policies