eLearning During Inclement Weather Days

  • As we continue into the 2024-25 school year, the New London-Spicer School District will be utilizing up to five eLearning days when school is canceled due to inclement weather.  If we have more than (5) inclement weather days, the school board will determine if the days will be made up. Any time school is canceled, families will receive an automated phone call, text message, and email from the school district if you are signed up to receive the notification through Parent Portal. In addition, the district will post messages on local tv and radio stations, on the school district website, and on our social media sites. 

    If an eLearning day is called, families, students, and staff will have some time to adjust their day.  Teachers will be accessible both online and by telephone during normal school hours on an eLearning day to assist parents and students.  If you need technical assistance during an eLearning day, please use our technical assistance hotline by clicking here. This is only available on eLearning days to provide technical support to families.    

    Why eLearning Days?
    When we have weather-related school cancelations, instructional time is lost. While eLearning days cannot replace the face-to-face time students have with their teachers, it can provide better continuity when the interruption occurs. Click here to read our eLearning Plan. 

    Minnesota State Statute 120A.414 allows school districts to call eLearning Days in times of inclement weather. As a result, the New London-Spicer school district worked with their building leadership teams to build an eLearning Day process for our school district to utilize. 
    District-wide specific items are as follows:

    • Frequency: The school district will only utilize a maximum of five eLearning days throughout a school year.
    • Adoption and Consultation: The school board adopted this plan after the district completed consultation with the exclusive representative of the teachers. This consultation took place in building leadership teams.
    • Technology Accommodations: Any family in need of a device outside of district issued devices or in need of internet access must contact their child's principal's office for hot spot requests/approval. 
    • Annual Notification: The district will provide all families with notification of any changes to it’s eLearning Plan. This notification will take place at the beginning of each school year.
    • Daily Notification: In the event an eLearning day needs to be called, families and students will be notified at least two hours prior to the normal school start time. 
    • Teacher Access: Teachers will be accessible both online and by telephone during normal school hours on an eLearning day to assist parents and students.

eLearning for Students with IEPs and/or 504 Plans

  • Individual planning teams will determine specific plans based on unique student needs. The IEP or 504 team will need to discuss the services to be provided to the student, including a description of how the student will access the technology and curriculum. This information should be included in the service narrative of IEPs and 504 Plans as appropriate. Related services that fall on eLearning Days should also be considered.