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PFF Mural Project

NL-S Art students, Jimmey Lozano and Michael Shimek, were honored at the unveiling of the PFF Mural Project in Willmar last week. 

Kristin Allen gave an artist talk on Monday at the Willmar Community Center where she discussed the project and mentioned the students specifically for contributing their hand drawn illustrations. 

The students' illustrations were based on stories told by residents of PFF.  We put about 25 words on post-its for the boys and they picked the pictures to draw. This took about 3 sessions.  Kristin then transferred those drawings to her mural and the PFF community painted it.  If you look closely at the pictures, the little drawings of an airplane, bee, streetlight, bunny etc. came from Jimmey and Michael.

PFF Mural

Kari Lindquist-Weber, HS Art Teacher