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Community Endowment For the Arts- Goal Exceeded

During the intermission of the POPS concert on Friday, May 17, 2019 NL-S Administrators announced that the Community Endowment For the Arts (CEFA) exceeded its $100,000 goal for the dollar for dollar match campaign.

Last August, the Pierce Family Foundation approached School Board Member, Susan Lange, and Superintendent Paul Carlson with the idea to start an endowment for the Arts by supporting a dollar for dollar match campaign. 

At the inaugural musical, Wizard of Oz, in November 2018, the committee announced the Dollar for Dollar Match Campaign setting the goal to create a $200,000 perpetual endowment that would give 5% back to NL-S annually to support the Arts, PreK-12. Donations from $1 - $25,000 flooded into our Educational Foundation for CEFA. The match deadline was set for May 17. 

It was steep goal but the committee and spectacular community donors were up to the challenge. In 7 short months NL-S raised, $112,767.94! Earning the additional $100,000 offered from the Pierce Family Foundation. 

At the event, Harvey and Delores Pierce of the Pierce Family Foundation handed a Maria Novak Elementary Art Instructor the check for $100,000. Robert Moller of the NL-S Educational Foundation handed Superintendent Paul Carlson the check for $112,767.94. 

Knowing that the endowment would not be able to begin supporting the Arts until it earned enough interest the Pierces donated an additional $10,000 to be used by the Arts for the 2019-2020 school year! 

We are so thankful to the Pierce Family Foundation, our community of donors, and the committee that worked to create CEFA. 

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