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Wolf Ridge 2019

On September 30, 2019, the New London-Spicer fifth graders once again embarked on an exciting fun-filled educational week of adventures at the Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center near Finland, Minnesota.   Their mornings, afternoons, and evenings were spent actively learning about the environment, the history of Minnesota, themselves and each other.  The fifth-grade students and teachers would like to thank the New London-Spicer community and surrounding areas, the school board, administration, staff, chaperones and especially parents for their continued support of this yearly trip.  Everyone working together helped to make Wolf Ridge a positive experience.  Here are some of the fifth graders’ thoughts about the trip:

Something I will always remember about Wolf Ridge is …That I overcame my fears and stayed positive through it all.  -Delilah Larsen
That I made it all the way around the ropes course and the hardest part of it was called the cherry pickers.  -Emme Caskey
Mr. Sundheim’s stories because they were funny and very detailed.  -Jack Van Nurden
Spending time with my great friends and teachers.  -Ezri Boelter
The campfire because it was full of happiness and songs. It was so heartwarming to me. Everybody was singing along with Mr. Pearson and it was fun. I will for sure remember that day.  -Milaunia Nelson
Ojibwe Heritage and how much fun it was to eat wild rice cooked over a fire. Also making a bow and arrow with Isaac.  -Logan Holien
Team games. It was so fun because we learned how to use teamwork through games.  -Silas Wharton
The view on the Lake Superior Hike. It was so beautiful! You can see Lake Superior from this big mountain.  -Lauren Severtson

I learned …
That even if you’re doing something you think you can’t do, keep on trying.  -Andres Rojas
That lichens grow on trees and rocks if the air is clean.  -Paulina Pentchev
How to test Ph levels at Wolf Lake.  -Hudson Cihlar
How to work together.  -Jacob Schorn
How to start a fire with flint and steel at Voyageur Life.  -Landon Eliason
Friendship is the best thing you can learn in life and that bad moments can be laughed at in the future.  -Maya Huda
That you can always preserve water and electricity and you don’t always need to be on a device. You can always get out into nature and do something.  -Carsen Hagedorn
Not to leave trash in the woods. Lichens are not a kind of moss. They are a kind of fungi that grows on trees.  -Jonah Sharp
That being outdoors is a lot more fun than being on technology. You can learn so much and see new things.  -Delaney Baeth
That I can face my fears, and that I can be away from technology for a week.  -Caden Thorson
How to belay my partner safety and correctly.  -Matti Lafferty
That it is important to save the earth of plastic and garbage, so the environment stays clean and not polluted. I also learned how to be conservative of water, electricity, and heat.  -Bryan Faust

The most fun experience I had at Wolf Ridge was …
The night hike because we saw Lake Superior and we got to hear stories.  -Chase Arends
When I saw a deer 10 feet away.  -Oden Hanson
Going on the ropes course and seeing the great views and going down the zipline.  -Grant Henjum
The ropes course because it was a new and exciting thing.  -Lexi Meis
The rock wall because you had to use your brain and think about how to get farther up the wall. You had to be brave and trust your belayer.  -Addie Olson.
The rock wall because I got to push myself and see how strong I am.  -Brooke Barney
Mr. Sundheim’s awesome and hilarious stories on the Night Hike.  -Owen Eichhorst
Listening to the stories on the Night Hike.  -Sam Schmitz
The rock wall. I got to kiss the goat while Gavin was my belayer.  -Will Dahl
Going down the zipline at the end of the ropes course because it felts like I was flying like a bird in the sky.  -Sophia Olson

I would like to thank …
The naturalists because they helped us with all of the activities.  -Eli Engebretson
The owners of Wolf Ridge and Jimmy’s Pizza for helping us raise money to go on the trip.  -Tyler Bengtson
My mom and dad because they let me go and they helped me deliver pizzas.  -Adelie Greeley
All the naturalists and teachers who came to Wolf Ridge with us because they made Wolf Ridge a lot of fun.  -Maddie Leindecker
The teachers and staff for making my birthday fun and great. Also, my friends for keeping me company while I was at Wolf Ridge.  -Liam Macik
I would like to thank all the chaperones who came with, all the naturalists who taught us, and all the people who bought our pizzas.  -Stella Nordin

Thanks for another great year!
Grade 5 Team