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Press Release: CEFA & Fall Grant Recipients


Press Release

DATE: December 3rd, 2019
FROM:  NLS Educational Foundation
DATE: December 3, 2019
SUBJECT: NLS Educational Foundation Grant Recipients

First CEFA Grants Awarded Are Being Utilized in 2019-20 School Year

After the creation of the Community Endowment For the Arts the NLS Educational Foundation began working with the various departments in the Arts to begin the grant process. CEFA grants can only be awarded to the New London-Spicer Arts (PreK to grade 12). The 2019 grants included; instruments for the elementary and middle school, art exhibition spaces, clay tile and ceramics projects, theater scene shop tools, and materials to expand the speech program.

Our new Performing Arts Center (PAC) has been a wonderful addition to our Arts Departments so utilizing it fully is important. The Visual Arts Department proposed the creation of exhibition spaces throughout the district where students can share their artwork with the public and their peers. The goal is to encourage an appreciation for the Visual Arts by introducing it into students’ lives daily and eventually install art from our community professional artists.

Our Elementary and Middle School Music Departments are using funds to provide opportunities for students to learn to play new instruments (guitars and xylophones). The objective is to teach beginning skills and elements of music while sparking an interest in an instrument that could be played throughout their lives.  


A few of the smaller grants awarded included the Theater Department’s request to purchase tools for the scene shop of the PAC. This purchase will help provide opportunities to work on set creation and staging for our theater students. This department plans to continue to grow this collection of tools and equipment. Another smaller grant request with great impact on our students was awarded to our Speech team. Speech was granted funds to purchase materials such as scripts, stands, timers, and board carriers to help grow and expand the program.

NLS Educational Foundation STEAM Endowment Fall Grant Awards

The New London-Spicer Educational Foundation recently awarded $4,374.43 for the fall STEAM grant cycle. This year’s recipients were; “Gaga Ball for All,” by senior student Robert Holmquist, “HS Media Center Charging Stations,” by Deb Forbrook, “Preschool Outdoor Learning” by Jennifer Hellickson and “Keeping Up with the Welding Industry” by Tracy Tebben. Funds were made available to the recipients on Dec. 1, 2019. All grant recipients are required to complete a year-end report which showcases the impact made on our students in their respective curriculum area.

Please Consider Making a Tax-Deductible Donation

Our Foundation’s ability to enhance NLS students’ educational experience beyond the standard budget depends on the generosity of donors. During the season of giving we ask that you please consider making a tax-deductible donation. The NLS Educational Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization and the New London-Spicer School District is the sole beneficiary.  

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