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Reading Corps at Prairie Woods Elementary

Kids at Prairie Woods Elementary School in New London, Minnesota, love to be connected to Team Reading Corps.  This school year is the first time all of the students who are or have participated in Reading Corps during the present school year have pooled together their earned R.O.A.R. tracks to earn a group reward from the school Principal.  Students can earn R.O.A.R. tracks by a number of means during their Reading Corps time each day such as, successfully completing a full intervention, enthusiasm, best effort, etc.

Prairie Woods Elementary School Reading Corps member, Sarah Lockwood, initiated a team approach as another means to bring a sort of pride in being a part of the Reading Corps experience.  Principal Randy Juhl agreed to provide a group reward when the Reading Corps students could fill a medium-sized basket with R.O.A.R. tracks.  The team earned their first reward of a donut party in November.

The kids had a lot of fun meeting together before school for their donuts.  It was the first time the children had a visual of how many kids took part in Reading Corps and that they, too, were part of something bigger and something of which to be proud.  Following the first reward, Mr. Juhl challenged the team to fill a box three times larger than their original basket to earn their next reward.  The RC team accomplished that just two months later, in January, receiving their second team reward of a group popcorn party.  The celebration was especially exciting and fun for the kids when they got to toss all of their collected R.O.A.R. tracks in the air for a video shouting, "Yay, Reading Corps!" 

Team Reading Corps continues to grow.  Children remain a part of the team for the whole school year and get updates at their weekly progress monitoring time.  Photos cover a wall in the Reading Corps room of the graduates and the parties.  Kids are proud to acknowledge being in Reading Corps and love to be a part of this fun team.

RC Popcorn Party

Sarah Lockwood, Reading Corps Tutor