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NLS Future City Students Take 3rd Place

Future City is a worldwide engineering competition, for students in grades 6-8, centered around city planning. Students design a virtual city using the SimCity computer program, compose a 1500 word research essay around the year's theme, construct a 3D scale model from recycled materials with a total cost of under $100, and prepare and perform a 5-7 minute presentation for competition, using the model as a visual aid. Essentially, it is a semester long project that not only touches on every element of STEAM as well as every core subject, but also on larger ideas such as critical thinking, project management, teamwork, and conflict resolution.

On January 18th, our 8th Grade Future City students competed against 44 schools.  They received 3rd place which is the highest our school has ever achieved! They also received the "Readiness for Man Made and Natural Disasters" award. NLS Future City team includes; Victoria DeBernardis, Jackson Barber, Julia Severtson, Adri Behl, Emily Renstrom, Ella Wieland, Gavin Radabaugh, Myles Macik, Like Knudsen, Teresa Copley -  Gifted and Talented Coordinator and Future City Coach, and Jared Voge - Civil Engineer. 

Future City Wireless Power Transfer

Congratulations to our Future City students! 

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