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Gaga Ball For Everyone!

NLS Senior, Robert Holmquist, requested funds through the New London-Spicer Educational Foundation's fall grant program. His request of $500 was approved and paired with funds he solicited through other community organizations for materials needed to build a Gaga Ball Pit. 

Gaga Pit

While deciding on his Eagle Scout project, Robert decided to focus on keeping our youth active. Research he provided in his grant request stated that students (ages 6-17) are supposed to be active for a minimum of 1 hour per day. His population focus was on our Middle School students who currently have gym every other day. With the Middle School playground as his location he felt use could be optimized during recess times. In addition to the health benefits, Bert referenced the organic opportunities for sportsmanship, rule etiquette, stress reduction, and small group play for our 5th-8th grade students. 

On Saturday, March 7, Bert and several other volunteers took time to build the Gaga Pit. Our Gaga Pit is officially open for students wishing to use it during recess times.

volunteers putting up gaga pit Volunteers putting up pit2

If you would like to donate to future grants through the NLS Educational Foundation please make checks payable to:
NLS Educational Foundation
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All donations are tax deductible under the Foundation's non-profit 501c3 tax status. 
You can also donate online here.  

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