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NLS 8th Grade Future City Team’s "Mikro Vima" City on the Moon

Future City Competition Minnesota Future City Competition 2021
FCC students "Mikro Vima" NLS 8th Grade Team’s City on the Moon

Future City is a nation-wide project-based learning program where middle school students imagine, research, design, and build cities of the future. Keeping the engineering design process and project management front and center, students work in teams to ask and answer an authentic, real-world question: How can we make the world a better place? This year’s challenge, Living on the Moon, asked teams to design a futuristic lunar city and provide examples of how the city uses two Moon resources to keep its residents safe and healthy.

To meet the challenge for this year’s virtual competition, teams submitted an essay, slide show of their model, and recorded video presentation. Teams participated in zoom interviews with five different engineering teams (some from across the globe) and were assessed with a rubric for total project points and Special Awards. Under fierce state-wide competition with narrow margins, the NLS team placed 7th in total project points out of 19 teams. However, they placed First Place in the Video Presentation category. 

NLS 8th grade FCC students participate in Mrs. Copley’s pull-out class, but most of the project work is done on their own time. Teams are required to have a volunteer engineer mentor. Special thanks to Jared Voge, PE. Bolton & Menk for his professional guidance again this year, his eighth season of FCC for NLS. 

FCC presentation

“Mikro Vima has many practical design aspects, including its circular shape, it’s separate industrial zone, and its multi-purpose garden. The circular shape makes transportation around the city quite simple and allowed Mikro Vima to be 3D-printed. The industrial zone of our city is located in the lowest level, a level underneath the garden containing all the water and air purification units as well as waste management, but no residential or commercial areas. Mikro Vima’s Zoi garden is not only used as a recreational space, but also provides almost all of the cities produce!” submitted by the team, judged by interview. NLS Future City students also received the Most Practical Design Award which is awarded to the city that best considers practical implementation and sustainable use in their future city.

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