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School board approves updates to 2022-23 calendar

​February 28, 2023 

Dear NLS Families,

Last night (2/27) the school board approved March 17th and May 25th as our additional snow makeup days. The board also voted to not make up one of the snow days. Please review our updated calendar which meets the state minimum of 165 student contact days. Please mark your calendars that Friday, March 17th and Thursday, May 25th will now be student contact days instead of the originally scheduled teacher workshop days. We understand families may have previously scheduled appointments, vacations and other events, please report your child's attendance for these days through the principal's office or on the Parent Portal as normal. 

This has been a tough winter, and unfortunately we may still have inclement weather in the future. I appreciate everyone's continued cooperation as we navigate the rest of this school year.  

Kind regards,

Jamie Boelter, NLS Superintendent