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HS/MS Band & Choir Concert Schedule Changes for March 2024

As a music team, we decided on some schedule changes for the March band and choir concerts. Please make note on any printed calendars as the March dates will be changed. 

Middle School Concert Schedule Changes: Our plan is to cancel the middle school band and choir concerts in March to allow the middle school ensembles more time to focus on fundamentals and learning music for the May concert. With the start to 2024 being a difficult time for some of our students and the February break approaching, we feel that focusing on music for a May concert will provide a more rewarding performance and stronger educational experience.  Also, by removing the March 11 date it will allow more time for the Spring play to have their set up ready to go.  No March Middle School Band or Choir Concerts. 

High School Concert Schedule Changes: We have decided to combine our High School Band and Choir Concert on Friday,  March 1. 

No changes to the May concerts.

Click here for our March school calendar. 

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We can't wait to see you in the PAC!