Time to Celebrate! 12/12/2022

Posted by Jamie Boelter, Superintendent on 12/12/2022 5:00:00 AM

Time to Celebrate!

Dear New London-Spicer Wildcat Community,

When penning this edition of Wildcat Chat, I thought about many topics such as teacher workshop days, government spending on education vs. inflation, special education cross subsidization and the state government surplus.  Trust me, I will cover all those topics in the future, but when it’s time to celebrate, it’s time to celebrate…  

It has been a “Wild” ride these past couple weeks, celebrating a nationally viral State Football Championship as well as keeping tabs on Coach Dreier’s record-breaking wins total, as he has now become the all-time winningest coach in not just girls basketball, but all basketball in the state of Minnesota.  It’s not often that a school gets as much media attention as NLS these past couple weeks, and I am continually impressed by our student athletes and coaches as they navigate the spotlight.  

My dad always said, “you should never brag about yourself.  It’s more important what others say about you.”  I can’t say enough about the coaches as they are some of the most humble people I have ever met.  When I attempt to compliment them, they always smile and say it’s about the kids.  No wonder they are successful!         

To top it off, the cast and crew and directors of Annie had a wonderful three-night performance in front of over 1,000 people.  A special thanks to our band director, Mr. West, as he transported pep band students back for the Saturday performance so they could also play music at the state football game.  Also, thank you to Director Prill for being flexible through all of the craziness.  “All hands on deck” is the mantra I’ve witnessed over and over again during my time at NLS.  

I also want to take the time to recognize three outstanding board members who will be stepping down after December.  Cherrish Holland, Renee Nolting, and Nancy Wehseler have done a stellar job serving the district during historical and unprecedented challenges.  I tip my cap to you.

Mark Peterson will be returning, and newly elected board members Del Brouwer, Laura Nelson, and Darryl Nelson have big shoes to fill, but I have been impressed by their willingness to jump in early and eagerly.  They are a great fit and have demonstrated great passion for the students of NLS.

When there is so much positivity and energy flowing through your school district, it’s important to recognize it and celebrate it.  Thank you NLS Community for your support in making this a great place for our students.

Go Wildcats!