School Board Recognition Month 2/14/2023

Posted by Jamie Boelter, Superintendent on 2/14/2023

To honor our school board members past and present during School Board Recognition Month, I want to say thank you.  Currently, our school board members are Board Chair, Lucinda Dahlberg, Vice Chair, Mark Peterson, Board Clerk, Susan Lange, Treasurer, Jeff Vetsch, Darryl Nelson, Laura Nelson, and Del Brouwer. 
My career started as an English teacher, and being in education my entire career, it took me a few years to understand all the commitments of a board member.  Needless to say, being a board member is more than two meetings a month. Our board members spend many hours serving on a variety of additional committees including but not limited to; Buildings and Grounds, Labor and Transportation, Finance, Executive, Advisory, High School League, Policy committee and many more! A detailed rundown of our school board’s involvement in school and local committees is located on our website (
Again, thank you to our past and present board members who have put in countless hours looking out for our future.
Jamie Boelter, NLS Superintendent